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Xiantao Jianmin Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Xiantao Jianmin Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Xiantao Jianmin Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Xiantao Jianmin Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Xiantao Jianmin Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Xiantao Jianmin Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
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    Add:Hubei Xiantao West rive Xiacha streets
    Contact:Wang Zhihua
    Mobile:+86-19871171555 / 15727282088

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           Hubei Jianmin Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Bristol the City yihuang high speed entry (Du Liu Station) cents West Highway 10 kilometers to the southeast at 12 kilometers (the original investigation under the Town substation opposite).

           Our proximity to the Han River Canal, doors surplus Yihuang high speed, through Jingsha ancient city, under the consistent Chutian city. Plant at the letter staggered bridge, national highway aspect, through artificial careful cultivation of high quality forest green as the sea, climb overlooking, seen a wonderful green transport links, greets.

    The Company's plant for seven years, covers an area of ​​6000 square meters, relying on the rapid development of society, production management technology matures. With wood processing and wood products of all kinds of woodworking machinery and equipment and the management of complex packaging design. Our dedicated Guangdong and Guangxi high-quality wood, and local Shanghao wood to make wooden plate, wires, cables, wooden boxes, pallets, and pallets. Home made ​​in the factory requirements, assembling wooden crates and pallets. Comprehensive instill trendy mode.

            The Company is a one-stop operating procedures, implementation of three bags, affreightment, replace or return. The implementation of three satisfaction: satisfaction, price satisfaction, satisfied with the service attitude. In line with the principle of service to the customer first, to create a harmonious society, promote civilization, fighting spirit and work hard.

    Xiantao Jianmin Wood Industry Co., Ltd.